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I’ll be right there with you, helping you present the best of who you are and what you offer! Take your pick, in our studio between Stellenbosch and Cape Town, or at a gorgeous location in the vicinity.

Setting, Style & Script

We consult in advance to create the best setting and style for you. It’s also an idea to bring along something personal to add character to your setup, such as a signature mug or journal, for example. The sky’s the limit in terms of creativity but we make sure to keep everything aligned with your personal and professional brand. Tip for your outfits: avoid busy patterns and wear well fitted clothing that hugs your curves. It’s more flattering on camera and yes, your curves are sexy! Clear, bold or pastel colours that complement you work well, or else neutrals, in each case considering your choice of setting and/or backdrop.

For videos that feature you presenting your content, I help you prepare a compelling script before your shoot, so that we can focus on filming – and your rockstar presentation – during your session. Scripts aren’t essential but they’re brilliant for refining your message and adding impact, whether or not you want to use a teleprompter. Here’s a 3 minute sample video from a studio shoot. You’ll see that it includes some slides and branding, which are completely optional and can be tailored to your requirements in various ways.

Professional Make-Up
You can choose to do your own make-up or have it professionally done as part of your video shoot package. To help you shine on camera (without having any unwanted shine), I recommend the professional route. It contributes to gorgeous results, tailored to the specific lighting conditions. This can include touch-ups and tweaking during your shoot, to complement your outfits and add variety to your video portfolio.
Feeling unsure, nervous, excited?
That’s perfectly natural. Video shoots are collaborative, creative processes, which means venturing into the unknown. This can be scary and exhilarating at the same time. It can also swing open the door for a quantum leap into your genius zone – a place of pure joy, success and fulfilment. The fastest way to get there is to have faith in your inner nudge and take action now. Remember, I’m here to help you shine!
Do you have different video shoot requirements?

If you’re looking for a specific video shoot for individual, business or training purposes, to capture an event or showcase a product, I can certainly assist personally or through the commercial business that I co-own with my husband Dave, offering a range of genres including aerial, construction, corporate, events, promotion, modelling portfolios, portraiture, products and property.

Since launching our company Outdoor Video & Photographic in January 2001, we’ve been providing bespoke photography and videography to help corporate, commercial and entrepreneurial clients share their message effectively and amplify the power of their marketing. For more information, visit our website (2014 SA Best Photographic Blog Winner, 2015 and 2016 Runner-up).

Our company’s success is borne out by long term relationships with blue chip clients such as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Barrow Group, Fortress Income Fund, FirstRand, Yamaha SA and NFB Private Wealth Management, among others.


A transformational video shoot is an invaluable investment in your personal fulfilment and professional success. We offer standard packages or bespoke solutions to suit your requirements - however quirky, romantic or businesslike.
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