Personal Lifestyle & Branding

Would you love to enhance your personal or professional profile

with a beautiful lifestyle shoot?
Mpho Tshukudu
As an example, here are some images from Mpho Tshukudu‘s portfolio, featuring her being her beautiful self at the fabulous Avianto venue in Muldersdrift, where we hosted her VIP Day. As a registered dietitian, speaker and author of Eat Ting, it serves her success to share radiant personal images that help to promote engagement with her clients and readers, while amplifying the ‘know, like and trust’ factor for her brand.
Terri-Lee Moorhouse
Being a creative entrepreneur, talented Terri-Lee Moorhouse was a treat to work with too, when we shot her lifestyle portfolio at Cabanga Conference Centre. We used fabric sample books, together with paint swatches to illustrate what she does as an interior decorator with her own business Terri’s Interiors. Our objective was to convey her gorgeous style and tone, as well as the feeling that her prospective clients will have when meeting with her.
Juanene Frydman (left) and Naëtt Atkinson (right)

Below are some photos from my shoot for special friends Juanene Frydman and Naëtt Atkinson. Both accomplished women with their own businesses, Juanene is an executive coach, speaker and conversationalist, while Naëtt specializes in facilitation and mediation. Like Mpho and Terri-Lee, they chose to enhance their brands with natural, personal lifestyle images, and they had so much fun doing the shoot together.