Hello Gorgeous!

I'm Naomi Estment

South African personal branding photographer, videographer and trainer. Mad about my man, my work, dogs, flowers, inspiration and sharing red (rooibos) cappuccinos with friends at inviting coffee shops.

What you'd never guess at first glance:

I'm an identical twin
My sister's name is Ruth. We have exactly the same laugh and I love her to bits. Physically, there's one distinct difference between us. She has perfect eyes but I have a severe squint. You won't notice this now because I wear contact lenses and learnt to control it as an adult. It's the reason I didn't keep a single photo of myself before I turned 25, and why I'm so passionate about my work.
I met my ex-pro superbike racer husband Dave at gym
Incidentally, that was never going to happen. I figured all that guys did there was check out your body and fancy you for the wrong reasons. Never say never 😀 We've been very happily married since 1995 and he's played a major part in helping me to accept my squint. He says that it makes me that much more human and lovable.
We've had countless adventures
. . . such as scuba diving with sharks, manta rays and a leatherback turtle that Dave saved, camping with lions, leopards and an elephant that bumped our tent in the night, bungee jumping, snow skiing and motorbike riding (make that racing!). Dave is so breathtakingly comfortable living on the edge that I'm constantly reminded to appreciate our love.
We live a vibrant life in Jo’burg (and have done for over 20 years) but really I’m a Cape Town beach babe at heart, with a dose of Sagittarian wanderlust thrown in.
Yes, I’m Sagittarian

Given all that thrilling outdoor adventure, you may have guessed anyway. Dave is Aquarian. We co-founded our company Outdoor Video & Photographic in January 2001 and are proud that our website www.ovpimaging.com was voted SA Best Photographic Blog in 2014, and runner up in 2015 and 2016. We’re also grateful for our valued blue chip corporate and commercial clients, who we help to maximize the power of their marketing via expert photos and videos. It’s a bonus that between us Dave and I share 40 years of experience working in the corporate world.

I love milestone birthdays

This is perhaps partly because Dave is 10 years older than me, so no matter my age, I feel forever young. It’s no coincidence that I wrote my first novel soon after turning 40 and my first non-fiction book since recently turning 50. I’m exploring publishing options for both, so watch this space for exciting news. What I know for sure: writing books is not for sissies! Also, I have the coolest Mom, who proof read my novel, sex scenes and all. Sure, I’ll tell you when it’s available 😉

I’m entirely at peace without my own kids

IVF is not for sissies either. We had one failed attempt long ago (due to Dave’s vasectomy years before). I believe this was for the best and I’m blessed with two grown up step-children, Michael and Terri-Lee, as well as our adorable dogs Storm and Smurf, who are the best of brothers! Terri-Lee has been my primary muse. My business Naomi Estment International developed as a direct result of me wanting to bless her with an understanding of how beautiful she is, by booking a photo shoot for her back in 2003 when she was 18. That inspired us to play in the studio we’d just built, and then I followed up with advanced photographic training before launching the studio side of our business.

I'm a proud Marie Forleo B-School scholar

Photographing and filming people has completely transformed my life and my relationship with the camera. Now I use this amazing gift to help others share the best of who they are and what they offer with the world. I’d love to do the same for you! Take a look at how you can Work With Me and be in touch if this resonates with you. In case you’re sitting on the fence, consider how powerfully sharing your message visually can impact your life. As an example, I won a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s exceptional B-School program in 2016, as a result of submitting my 90 second entry video, featured here.

Here's my gift for you

The world is your oyster once you claim your power and show up fully via photos and videos. I offer shoots in Johannesburg and Cape Town, my blog shares loads of tips and my online courses are coming soon, so I can help you to Rock That Camera wherever we both are.

First off, grab your free gift: 7 Pro tips to shine on camera and let’s keep in touch!

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