Hey Gorgeous, here’s wishing you a wonderful 2023! Are you feeling a spark of inspiration to up-level your portfolio of personal branding and lifestyle photos and videos? This may apply if you’re cosying up in winter in the Northern hemisphere, or soaking up our glorious summer here in the South. Either way, it can be fun, refreshing and effective to include relevant settings in your social media visuals.

On our recent family excursion to Franschhoek, the store above immediately caught my eye. You guessed, it, I love the sign on the window, as well as the super pretty setting. So, I asked Dave to take a pic of me with my twin sister Ruth, her daughter and our cousin, sharing a special moment on our holiday.  A similar, spur-of-the-moment nudge inspired me to take the pics below of Ruth and her husband. This was completely impromptu at a lunch venue we were enjoying on Laborie Estate.

Cape Winelands Summer Setting

Both of these settings hint at the enchantment of the Western Cape Winelands, where we are so blessed to live and work. This breath-taking region abounds with opportunities and options to leverage the beauty of nature and adventure, as well as enticing lifestyle. If you’re in the area, please pop into our Studio near Stellenbosch, for a no-obligation chat about photo and video ideas.

And if you’re keen for a location shoot in the vicinity, or if you have a studio shoot in mind, then of course I’d love to help you! In the meantime, it’s useful to browse personal branding photo shoots online to feel into what resonates most with you in terms of style, tone, settings, outfits, accessories, props, poses, compositions and colours, all of which can contribute special magic to your outcome.

Naturally, you need to bring your own unique personality and sparkle to your photos and videos, for the best results that you and your prospects will love! If you find this challenging and struggle with confidence on camera, then my FREE online Brand Stars Course is for you. Click that link to sign up!