If you’ve ever felt a sense of holding back somehow from shining your light in the world, then our season 2 launch episode of the Brand Stars Podcast, packed with self love inspiration, is for you! Breath-takingly talented leading inspirational performer, spiritual advisor and transformational mentor Nianell shares profound wisdom and personal stories straight from the heart that will move you deeply. Watch the video of our live stream session below.

You’ll be enchanted by a wealth of tips to tap into beautiful alignment, self love and acceptance. Nianell explains how she helped a client to heal from stage four colon cancer by releasing limiting beliefs that had blocked him from receiving the natural flow of wellness and abundance that is always available to us. And I share how she miraculously identified and helped me release a subconscious belief that had held me back from financial prosperity. Take a look here:

Nianell can assist you in finding your Life Path through her Life Simplified teachings and musical performances, which provide guidance and clarity in times of confusion. I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of her healing sessions, group workshops and sound meditations, and have been deeply moved by her beautiful singing. She has a phenomenal four-octave vocal range and four of her albums have reached platinum status in South Africa. Her first international platinum hit was with the song “Who Painted the Moon?”, which is simply exquisite, and her most recently released single SHINE brought me to tears when I was first blessed to hear it.

We all deserve to live in the radiance of our true light and this is our collective time to shine. Tune in to discover why we dim our light and what to do instead . . . and if you’d like to find out more about Nianell’s amazing work, go to Nianell.com, where you’ll see that she offers live and online workshops, one-on-one sessions, Thetahealing seminars and courses. Enjoy!