Here’s wishing you a wonderful year that brings consistent success and fulfils your dreams! That often takes courage, so may you be blessed with it in abundance too. I remember the day I posted my first video to YouTube and shared it on Facebook. My palms were sweating . . . because it was the first time that I publicly spoke about my squint, which had caused me such hangups growing up and had contributed to the dreadful relationship I’d had with the camera.

That was more than 5 years ago, and I’ve since published over a hundred videos online and hosted many live stream sessions, all with a view to helping visionary women shine on camera and become the star of their brand! CLICK BELOW to watch and get the inside scoop:

We all start somewhere. How about you? Where are you on your journey to creating your living legacy of photos and videos online? Do you have questions about this, or need help shifting through any discomfort on camera, so that you can be free and empowered to be yourself and share the best of what you have to offer in the most authentic, compelling way?

If so, you’re welcome to contact me, once you’ve watched the video 😀 It’s so worthwhile and deeply rewarding to reach out into the world with your unique message. You just never know who you may inspire or who may connect with you through finding a post or piece of your content. Even better if you build on that relationship by sending them regular emails that add value to their personal or professional journey. You may be amazed by what transpires.

When it comes to photos, it pays to be creative and can add great versatility to your portfolio if you have some images of you etched, so that you can use them in a variety of layouts, like the one at the top of this post. That said, this does require some skill and a quick tip if you want to etch an image is to have it taken in good lighting against a plain backdrop that contrasts strongly with your hair colour . . . and always remember to have fun. Cheers to a magical 2022!