It’s a wrap for season 1 of the Brand Stars Podcast, and almost a wrap for 2021! The podcast has been a key highlight for me from this year, since launching it on the 9th of August, Women’s Day here in South Africa, and publishing 21 episodes with my amazing guests, all experts in their fields, who have shared so much insight and inspiration with us, so heartfelt thank you to them all.

Special thanks also to everyone who has joined us, whether participating live or watching replays on our YouTube channel. Extra special shoutout to those of you who are enrolled in my online courses, or have had in-person photo or video shoots with me, and are in our private Brand Stars Facebook group too. I’m so grateful for each and every one of you.

To me, the power, purpose and pleasure of collaboration and community has become clearer than ever, and I value everything that you contribute. It’s also been fantastic to see the amazing transformations that some of you have gone through this year, and how brilliantly you are showing up online and in the world as your radiant selves. Congrats and thank you for your inspiration, also for this podcast. CLICK HERE to watch my wrap message especially for you:

There have been a few key highlights for the podcast, starting with being listed as #31 in South Africa on Apple Podcasts in the category of Entrepreneurship. It’s also been wonderful that a couple of publicists for phenomenal guests have found the podcast and reached out to arrange interviews with me. And, I’m honoured to have been approved as one of the early adopters of live streaming on LinkedIn, which required having 1,000+ followers and quality, original content.

If you’ve been following the Brand Stars Podcast for a while, you’ll know that we record our interviews live via StreamYard, which I’ve chosen to stream simultaneously to Facebook and LinkedIn, following which I do a brief edit, add our podcast intro and outro sequences, and then publish the episodes to the Brand Stars Podcast YouTube Channel.

It’s been so fulfilling to share such value-rich conversations with you, covering key topics that impact us all, from our health, wellness, happiness and mindset, to balance and fulfilment in life and business, including our financial success. With that in mind, I want to say thank you again and here’s wishing you a deeply joyful, meaningful and magical festive season and New Year!