Hello there from us both! Something eye-opening happened recently at my birthday lunch . . . that got me thinking about you my blog reader and your smartphone camera.

Dave took the pic below with his new iPhone 13, using the fabulous portrait feature that blows out the background beautifully, as you can see. In the meantime, I had inherited his iPhone X as an upgrade on my iPhone 6s, which had always taken great pics and videos, including the one above of me with our beloved boy Storm, who shares my birthday and turned 10 last week!

Since starting to use the iPhone X, I’d been disappointed with the results of the camera, especially the selfie one on the front of the phone. Still, I didn’t pay too much attention to this until my birthday lunch, when Dave and I both took photos and spontaneously compared notes.

That highlighted the poor quality of my pics, which looked relatively dull, murky and somewhat out of focus. I’ve tried the fixes suggested online without success, so am taking it in to get fixed, hopefully in time for our Xmas holiday! Hence thinking about you. If you’re not happy with your smartphone pics, have you considered that it may be a fault on the camera?

If not, and you need help to improve your smartphone photos and videos, then grab my Smartphone Shooting Tips online course, in time to ensure that you get consistently great results during the Festive Season. Because we all deserve to represent ourselves and our brands in the best way. Contact me if you have any questions and have fun with your smartphone!