How well is your LinkedIn profile working for you? Mine has brought me wonderful introductions and work, including a fabulous filming project just last month, and meeting my lovely friend Dawn Grossart. If you missed my last post, my session in her Financially Free Women online summit will be live soon and the replays are available, so Register HERE if you haven’t yet.

Now consider this: do you have a compelling intro video on your LinkedIn profile? If not, I can help you with shooting one and/or editing it if you choose to shoot it yourself, wherever you are in the world. Click below to view my video, which includes ideas for titles, transitions, cutaways and a call to action, all of which can add to the professionalism and success of your video:

Does the idea of having a captivating intro video appeal to you, but at the same time make you anxious at the thought of being on camera? If so, you’re far from alone . . . and I can absolutely help you with that too. In fact, it’s my primary passion and purpose to empower visionary women who are the face of their brand to shine on camera and become the star of their brand.

Taking the first step is as simple as signing up for my FREE online Brand Stars Course, which you can find at It will give you quick wins to help you develop your confidence and skills in personal branding photos and videos, plus a juicy taste of my complete Brand Stars Academy that can help you lift your online presence to a whole new level.

Got any questions or want to book a brief intro chat to discuss your LinkedIn video or broader visual portfolio? Contact me to set up a time. I look forward to connecting with you!