As we head into the final quarter of 2021, are you ready to take “living your best life” to a whole new level of “gutsy”? Author, business coach, internet lawyer and founder of GUTSY GLORIOUS LIVING, Lin Eleoff, believes that “when a woman owns a business, she owns her life.” And it all starts when we’re finally ready to “Woman UP”. Wondering what that means?

Watch the interview below and be inspired! This is episode 11 of the Brand Stars Podcast, which you likely know by now is all about helping you to shine your light and share your brilliance in the world even more brightly . . . with the guts, grit and grace, as well as the practical business building insight and tips that Lin shares with us during this vibrant conversation:

Lin explains her brilliant “Book to Business” concept that can be a complete game changer for online businesses and also gives advice on how to spend your time, your money and your love with meaning and purpose. She says the exhaustion most women feel isn’t because they’ve got too much to do but because they feel unfulfilled. She says becoming your own boss and following your heart, in business and in life, is the path to ultimate fulfilment.

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P.S. You’re welcome to leave any comments or questions below. Lin and I would love to connect with you and discover what resonates most with you from our conversation. Enjoy!