Ladies, are you keen to improve your income, amplify your success and expand your reach exponentially? Can I assume that’s a YES? If so, don’t miss this interview with UK-based certified business coach and women’s empowerment mentor Dawn Grossart, who works with women creating incredible lives and businesses, and is totally passionate about their success.

She knows what it takes to have that breakthrough, and also what it feels like to achieve it. That’s why she has created her own unique blend of personal and business coaching to help women build profitable businesses, consistently attract clients with ease, get paid what they’re worth, create marketing that works, rewrite their money story and be the women who really do have all the time and money they dream of. Tune in here for special insight and inspiration:

Dawn’s 20 years of business experience includes creating multi-million pound projects and developing global brands, as well as helping solo-preneurs create and grow their businesses by six figures. She teaches a simple system called the Mindful Money Method which shows you how to get complete clarity around your money, what you really want it for and how to create it without spending years slaving away and not living fully! Intrigued? Take a look.

Then to find out more, email In the meantime, are you enjoying our interview series? My guests and I would love to know if you have any feedback on our sessions, or suggestions for topics that may be most interesting and helpful for you. One of the things Dawn and I discuss in this video is the power of collaboration, which is something that comes naturally to us as women, and can be a game changer in growing our businesses.

Dawn also shares key ideas to build your email list and reach many more people with the impact of your message. As she explains, all of this can be achieved with far greater ease and grace than we sometimes imagine. So, watch the video above if you’re ready to let go of trying too hard and struggling to make progress in your life or business. And please go ahead and share this with any of the women you care about who may be feeling that way too. Thank you!