Have you experienced the feeling of being immersed in a field of wild flowers? If so, I’m guessing you’ll agree that it’s unforgettable! We’ve recently returned home from a magical time visiting the Western Cape wild flowers with my family, which I’ve been doubly blessed to do. My twin sister Ruth took the pic of me above last week in an abundant field of daisies near the town of Darling, where she also took the header pic of my Brand Stars Podcast this time last year.

In case you haven’t yet subscribed to it and missed the first 7 fabulous episodes, CLICK HERE to catch up, starting with the last one about The Art of Real Life Happiness with confidence coach and happiness expert Anjana Lala! There is rich value and wisdom in this and every episode, with new ones posting weekly, so be sure not to miss out. In the meantime, here’s some wisdom from Rumi with another pic from our trip, of the spectacular Biedouw Valley near Clanwilliam:

Rumi Quote with Wild Flowers photographed by Naomi Estment
If you fancy pausing for a moment to contemplate a gorgeous getaway in the magnificence of nature, you’re welcome to view many more photos in my Wild Flower Trip albums on Facebook: Langebaan & Postberg, Clanwilliam & Biedouw Valley and Agama Camp & Namaqualand. Almost all of the pics were taken on my iPhone, which was often the handiest camera to use.

Smartphone pics can most certainly be good enough quality to post on social media, as long as you understand key principles for taking great pics and also how to tweak them afterwards. I cover a host of tips in my Smartphone Shooting Tips online course, which you can learn about via that link, especially if you value your unique point of view and the gift of sharing it.

This was highlighted for me on our trip, where nine of us were taking photos of similar scenes from each of our perspectives. ALL our photos have contributed to wonderful memories of our time together, which no single one of us could have achieved as comprehensively alone – a simple reminder that YOUR viewpoint matters, including offering it through the camera!