Would you love to connect more profoundly with your inner wisdom, and discover more about yourself and your gifts? My latest live stream interview is full of collaborative guidance from highly experienced and intuitive coaches Gillian Higginson and Alida Haarhoff!

Gillian is an accomplished transformational life coach, life-joy instigator and energy healer, passionate about helping people reclaim themselves, to expose their light and experience passion, joy, success and brilliance. She has worked in the field of energy healing for 21 years and has a wealth of experience in various modalities, counselling and coaching.

Alida is an intuitive counsellor and coach who uses her highly developed intuition and tools like the Tarot cards, numerology and family constellation therapy to help heal others on their life journey. She is deeply passionate about what she does and has been doing her healing work for over 20 years now. She also facilitates and runs inspirational retreats.

They each share fascinating insight about their different modalities in our interview, as well as practical advice and captivating stories about their clients’ breakthroughs. CLICK HERE to watch:

We also discuss typical challenges that we can all face in connecting with our inner wisdom, including resistance to trusting this, and potential reluctance to explore our shadow side, as well as ways to overcome these obstacles so that we can truly shine our light in the world!

Gillian and Alida both work online and in person from their respective healing rooms in Glencairn, Cape Town. They will be co-hosting a 9-week online Zoom workshop starting next Tuesday 31 August or Thursday 2 September, called Deepen Your Transformation – A Spiritual Journey to guide and connect to your Inner Wisdom, incorporating a deep dive into their modalities. Visit their websites @ www.gillianhigginson.com and www.maginta.co.za to find out more and connect with these wonderfully wise and inspiring ladies.

P.S. We’d love to know what resonates most with you from our conversation, so please feel free to leave a comment or question below. Thank you!