Are you fully utilizing the opportunity to connect meaningfully online with people around the world? Are you drawn to become a mentor, or seeking mentorship for yourself or your business? Eugenie Drakes, who is a creative industries entrepreneur, storyteller, mentor and modern elder shares wonderful wisdom in the latest episode of the Brand Stars Podcast!

Eugenie has achieved many fascinating things, consistently committed to “The Art of Possible”. When she turned 70 a few months ago, she decided to do one thing every day that scares her, which has included overcoming her fear of technology and making amazing connections online. As she says, “There is so much opportunity in our ‘new world’ if you are open to finding it!”

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Among other gems that you’ll find throughout this conversation, Eugenie explains her conviction that, “All of us have a beautiful light inside us, and sometimes circumstances, things that happen to us, the way we’ve been programmed as children, actually darkens that light.” And to her . . . “When one can connect with somebody and actually see that light that sits within them and help them to connect to that light again, and become themselves, it is the most extraordinary thing.”

This is exquisitely aligned with our golden thread goal for the Brand Stars Podcast, to help our fellow women shine our light and share our brilliance in the world, even more brightly. So, it’s a joy to have Eugenie join us for this live stream interview! To connect with her, you can email or find her on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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