What if writing could be a gift to yourself, where the depth of your real nature takes the lead and your words follow? If writing and publishing a fiction or non-fiction book features at all in your dreams, then watch the deeply inspiring interview below with gifted, California-based book developer and creative midwife Naomi Rose who inspired me on my writing journey, especially with the encouragement to complete my novel when I needed it most, back in 2008.

Here, we explore the transformation that’s available to us all through writing the books that are in our hearts,  as well as the typical blocks that hamper our progress in writing and sharing our messages with the world, including the fear of being visible, which resonates so powerfully with my passion for helping women to show up and shine on camera. CLICK HERE to watch:

Born into a family of writers, Naomi grew up with mixed feelings about being a writer, and shares enlightening insight about this during our conversation. She studied English literature and got her MA in that discipline, before keeping her gift for words alive by becoming an editor in her twenties, over time working with authors, publishers, and businesses, and specializing in books on subjects she cares very much about, including holistic health, psychology, and spirituality.

Naomi also wrote numerous articles that were published in magazines, and she explains that she could have gone on successfully doing all of this for the rest of her working life but when her mid-life crisis arrived, she found herself asking, “Is that all there is?” So she decided to study transpersonal psychology in graduate school, thinking that she might become a therapist but after two years of fascinating inner explorations, she realized that was not her path.

However, so much of what she had learned about the psyche and the spirit called to her and she realized that she could use what she had learned to help people write more deeply than the book-publishing world encouraged. “Writing from the Deeper Self” is what she calls the beautiful soul-led work she does now.  Visit www.naomirose.net to find out more, and feel free to post any comments or questions below. Naomi and I would love to connect with you!