Would you love to tap into your power using feminine tools that cultivate awareness, attention and action in harmony with your true path? Watch the replay below of this soulful live stream interview with beautiful Kate Tremills! She is an author, speaker, coach and creator of the mystical, magical Venus Lessons, which were born from her personal and professional experience, offering fascinating master classes, related products, and visualizations.

As an author and speaker who wrote for years in the film industry, Kate has 4 published fantasy novels and has been featured in Elle Canada, Giant, and ScreenTalk magazines. She shares wonderful wisdom about using astrology, meditation, journaling and oracle cards to reveal your super powers, tips to overcome blocks that get in the way of claiming and expressing our feminine power, and insight to help us make the most of current astrological circumstances:

On her creative path, Kate discovered a passion for bringing well-being and success together and after wilfully ignoring her intuition for years, became passionate about coaching others to listen to their inner wisdom. She believes in a daily practice of tending to your truth so that you live from your passion and purpose. This aligns beautifully with the golden thread goal of my live stream series, to help our fellow women shine our light and share our brilliance in the world.

So, I love that Kate also addresses how astrology can help us enhance all our relationships, from a personal and leadership perspective. As she explains, developing our self-awareness is the starting point, which ripples outward to positively impact many more people throughout our lives and businesses. Part of the process is sharing soulful conversations that bring mutual insight and inspiration to light, also contributing to creativity and radiant self-expression!

One of my own juicy take-aways from this interview has been discovering that my rising sign is Aquarius, which offers brand new insight for me, especially within the context that Kate explains about how our rising sign influences ways that we show up in the world. Interested in learning more? Do yourself a favour and watch the video. Then go to www.venuslessons.com and sign up to receive Kate’s enchanting newsletters and updates about what’s happening in her world.

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  • Dorette Nel

    Thank you Naomi and Kate for this great interview and brilliant content. Such inspiration!
    Looking forward to living my passion and purpose again. Too often we ignore our intuition.

    • Naomi

      How wonderful, thank you so much Dorette! We sincerely appreciate your lovely comment and are so happy that our conversation has been inspiring for you. Please keep us posted on your beautiful progress as you follow your passion and purpose!

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