Are you familiar with the Creative Rainbow Woman in you? Hint: She’s enchanting! Watch the replay below of my live stream with gifted artist Isa Dor who is doing amazing things through her art, classes and courses to help women transform their lives by releasing stress and awakening the Creative Rainbow energy that resides inside! Isa explains typical blocks that get in the way of claiming our freedom and self confidence, and how to overcome them. She also shares wonderful tips to help us embrace our creativity and dare to be who we truly are.

CLICK HERE to watch and treat yourself to Isa’s special insight and inspiration!

An Abstract Artist and Creative Rainbow Mama of two gorgeous sons, Isa was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, but her love of travel and life experiences that included working for Doctors Without Borders for 18 years, make her feel more like a citizen of the world. She has been on an exploratory journey into painting for more than 30 years and her abstract dreamy and vibrant scenes are inseparable from her experiences and how nature inspires her to express them.

This is her way of acknowledging the Creative Rainbow Mama that she is, with her joys and her wounds, the scars of her childhood, the pain of her depression episodes and the magic of womanhood, the clouds of her burnout from working in the corporate world, and the skies of her successes. With her paintings and courses, Isa’s wish is that you come to this space as well, by allowing the Creative Rainbow Woman in you to let go of the big and small concerns so that you can nourish the most important things in your life, and find the freedom to be bold and shine.

If you’re interested in Isa’s mini online course to reduce your stress in 10’ a day, she has a unique offer, especially for you! The first 5 people who join the course will get 10€ off the normal price (27€), by using the coupon code NAOMI to redeem your discount! Simply CLICK HERE to sign up and enjoy! You’re also welcome to leave any comments or questions for us below.