Fellow women entrepreneurs, what are your visionary woman archetypes and how can you style yourself to sell? Have you heard of The 6-Figure Walkout to tune into your highest life? Intrigued? Watch the replay below of this super high vibe live stream session with Jenni P Parker-Brown who is a style philosopher, speaker, thought leader, genius activist and founder of the House of Preeminence, which is a support platform and magazine that has been likened to “The Vogue of Feminine High Performance!” among other amazing accolades.

Jenni’s current focus is helping women to sell more, through their style and image, and activating their genius potential for exponential growth, both vital skills in this saturated online world. So don’t miss this fascinating conversation that dives into delicious detail about the secrets and impact of style, mission and message, as well as insight from Jenni based on her wealth of personal experience and expertise in achieving meaningful success:

Her careers range from fashion retailing, the performing arts, fitness instructor, equestrian cabaret artist, award-winning gastronomy chef, published author, style and image consultant to magazine editor and genius consultant. Her proudest achievements include becoming a professional dancer at the age of 41, creating her own equestrian cabaret under a circus big top, and within two years, turning a bankrupt, down-trodden hiking hostel into a 6 figure, fine-dining tourist attraction in the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains in France, where she lives.

Jenni shared inspiring stories of her clients’ transformations and made some wonderful offers for the ladies watching and the rest of my network, which means YOU! These include a super special rate for the Styled to Sell group online course that she plans to host in September (further details to follow soon), as well as more than 50% off her 6-Figure Walkout guided visualisation for wealth, which is a fantastic way to activate your inner genius and leverage your time while walking! Grab it here today while this brilliant rate lasts and help yourself to Jenni’s fabulous FREE Styled to Sell Masterclass audio recording at www.jenni-p.com.

Also, be sure to snap up your copies of her crème-de-la-crème House of Preeminence magazine via that link, while they’re still FREE. We’d love to know what resonates most with you from our conversation, so please comment below or post any questions you may have!