I hope you’re safe, well and enjoying life as we slip into the second half of 2021 . . . already! Perhaps you’re with me in dreaming of beautiful travel destinations to explore once global Covid-related restrictions are lifted? In anticipation of this, I’m delighted to bring you a special live stream video interview with African Soul Safari Specialist, Anje De Klerk!

As a busy working Mom with two gorgeous little boys, Anje completely understands the challenges that face women in particular, especially in relation to our travel plans. Her passion is to help us safely explore Africa through deeply immersive experiences, in the comfort and pleasure of small groups of like-minded women with a shared sense of wanderlust.

This dovetails with my passion to help visionary women shine their light and share their brilliance in the world even more brightly, because a key part of that is blessing ourselves with rest, rejuvenation and the inspiration that often transpires as a result. So it was wonderful to learn from Anje about how to make the most of our travel plans. Take a look here!

Anje has always had a deep love for both the ocean and the bush and as a result, studied Ecology and did her MSc research on sea turtles on a remote paradise in South Africa. Throughout her life, she’s had the privilege of witnessing Africa’s animals in their natural habitats and has had amazing experiences along the way, some of which she describes in our chat.

It brings her immense joy to share these types of experiences because as she says, “that is what stays with you forever . . . not the handbag you bought or the dress you got on sale!” She wants YOU to have amazing experiences that you’ll talk about for years to come and she’s beautifully positioned with the heart and expertise to help you achieve this.

So, pour yourself a warm drink if like us, you’re in the middle of winter, or a freshly iced drink if you’re soaking up summer, click on the video above and join our conversation. Trust me it will lift your mood and inspire your travel dreams . . . because we all deserve to dream, and treat ourselves to special experiences, as Anje so eloquently explains!

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