I’m guessing we can agree on the importance and value of mindset to empower ourselves, but how effectively are you harnessing this on a daily basis, in your personal and professional life? Certified mindset coach Tracy Fenton shared powerful and profound insight about this in our inspiring live stream session this week, and the replay is available for you to watch!

Tracy has two years of neurolinguistic programming training and is a qualified counsellor with four years of training, including internship at various places such as Hospice, Pretoria Central Prison and a drug rehabilitation centre for youths. In addition to helping her clients through significant challenges, Tracy has overcome cancer twice, to give you a taste of the wisdom she has gained on her own journey. Her focus is on helping people to take their power back and get to know their true selves, align with their heart’s desires and create harmony and balance in their lives. Click below to watch the replay of our captivating live stream conversation:

We explore typical blocks that people face in the way of claiming their power, how to improve our money and wealth mindset, as well as how to tap into and take action on what we truly want. Tracy’s objective is to catalyze a shift for individuals and positively contribute to the dynamics within organizations. It was also a special treat to photograph her in our studio a few months ago, to capture images for her beautiful new website www.tracyfenton.com. Follow that link to find out more about her wonderful coaching work. In the meantime, here’s a sample of pics from her portfolio to give you another glimpse of her gorgeous personality!

Mindset Coach Tracy Fenton photographed in Studio
Contact me if you need a vibrant personal branding photo or video shoot in Johannesburg or Cape Town, and contact Tracy if you’d like to take advantage of the excellent coaching packages that she offers, in person or remotely via Zoom. And you’re welcome to leave a comment below if you have any questions for either of us. We’d love to connect with you!