How close is health and healing to your heart, for yourself or someone you love? This is a key topic collectively, especially due to Covid. Jan Tucker, this week’s guest in my live interview series is beautifully positioned to help, and you can benefit from her insight too! As a Spring Forest level 5 certified Qigong healer and trainer, level 2 Reiki practitioner and author, Jan provides Qigong healings and leads qigong movement classes to restore or maintain health, and to achieve peak performance.

To give you a brief explanation, the movements help you to activate hundreds of energy points to keep your Qi energy (life force) flowing smoothly, nourishing every cell and organ in your body. Jan has helped hundreds of clients resolve a wide variety of health issues by providing healing sessions for people suffering from pain and literally any other ailment of the body, mind, emotions, or spirit. She shares so much wisdom throughout our live stream session, which you can click below to watch:

As we mention, Jan and I share a belief in the power of each one of us to make a positive difference in the world, by making the most of our own lives and spreading positivity through our thoughts and actions. This is the core motivation for my interview series, with the golden thread goal being to help you shine your light and share your brilliance in the world even more brightly.

We explore fascinating aspects of qigong, including the healing sessions, movement practises and meditation, being supported by the energy of nature, positive mindset and emotions, as well as causes of energy blockages and how these can be cleared, before wrapping up by discussing the value of leading with love in life and business. This is also inspiring, as Jan speaks from extensive business and marketing experience too, both in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.

As a devoted student of the ancient “how-to-live” yoga teachings, and a practitioner of Qigong energy healing, she developed an e-course and an accompanying e-book to help you de-stress your life. Jan is also currently writing a book about Qigong to introduce its benefits to those suffering from post-COVID syndrome to help these people take control of their own health, and a book for the general public will follow. Please visit her website to find out more and enjoy our video recording!

P.S. You’re welcome to leave a comment below if you have any questions and/or to let us know what resonates most with you from our conversation. Thank you!