Wow, that was wonderful! My new series of live interviews launched yesterday with master trainer Allison Vernon-Thompson, who is the creator of Fitness For Change, a feminine fitness style that teaches mindful indulgence as a method to healthy living. We had such a special, high vibe session, and you can catch the replay below. I’m passionate about helping women shine their light and share their brilliance in the world, and Allison does this in a delicious way!

Speaking from personal experience, Allison’s signature online class will seduce you into an amazing workout that incorporates Pilates, barre, dance, and strength training. She also specialises in post rehab, weight loss and injury prevention. I’ve been doing Allison’s classes three times a week for three months and they are game changing, ladies!

The back pain that I had for about six weeks beforehand, which was severe enough that I was taking pain medication twice a day (for the first time ever in my life) has completely healed, and I’ve found myself doing booty twirls around the house and even in the shower, at 5am no less! Take a look for the juicy inside scoop plus great insight and tips from Allison:

Previously, Allison and her husband co-owned a personal training gym in NYC called Tribeca Health and Fitness that was a hub for independent personal trainers. She is a New York State Board certified Health Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Ace certified Health Coach, accredited Pilates Mat instructor, and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

In addition to appearing as a fitness instructor on CNN Live, Good Morning America, and at Whole Foods’ Immersion Retreats with Dr. Scott Stoll, Allison has been featured as a WNBF Figure Pro on the cover of Natural Body Building and Fitness magazine and in other USA magazines and websites including SELF, Fitness, NBC, and Best Body Magazine.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance from Columbia College, South Carolina, with an emphasis on kinesiology and she taught as an adjunct professor at Columbia College. Allison focuses on proper biomechanics and injury prevention due to her experience with personal injuries and teaching dance.

Her unique online exercise classes are infused with her captivating style of feminine juiciness, insight, inspiration and health and wellness guidance. If you’d like to give them a try at no cost, hop in and join her Friend Friday Class via that link . . . you and your body will love it!

P.S. Allison also has a video membership option launching next week and you can sign up for the details if you CLICK HERE and send her a message. With love and booty twirls as she says!