OMG how time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been a full year since I launched my exclusive BRAND STARS Facebook group, to add ongoing value for the wonderful women who are enrolled in my paid online courses and/or who have had photo or video shoots with me, including ideas and guidance to help them shine on camera and be the star of their brand.

I’m so grateful for this special community and for all our shared insight, support and inspiration! Above is a screen grab from a short video that I shot yesterday in my office to celebrate with our group. It took all of 5 minutes, using my iPhone and lovely natural light coming in through the window – just a reminder that you don’t need anything fancy to get great results.

In celebration of this anniversary, I’m reviving my live interview series streamed inside my private Facebook group and also publicly, so that you can benefit too from the fabulous insight and inspiration that’s in store from some amazing ladies! Our golden thread goal is to help our fellow women shine their light and share their brilliance in the world even more brightly.

This is super important for ourselves and our world, especially now that things are so challenging for so many. So stay tuned for the magic that will be coming your way, starting on 1 June 2021! In the meantime, if you need any help showing up and shining in your photos, videos and on-screen sessions, CLICK HERE to snap up my free online BRAND STARS COURSE.

It includes half an hour of video-based training packed with pro tips plus downloadable PDF docs with high impact exercises geared to give you quick wins in your on-camera journey. You’ll discover that it also unlocks awesome offers on my other courses, which includes exclusive access to my vibrant BRAND STARS Facebook group. I’d love to welcome you there!