When last did you soak in the sacredness of golden hour, that mystical time-frame shortly before sunset and after sunrise? We did this last weekend, where we had the delight of filming Christine (Chris) Stormer-Fryer over 5 days at her and her husband John’s beautiful farm. This was to create a wonderful video series that documents Chris’s extensive Universal insights all about reflexology, which she has been presenting worldwide for 33 years, including having 9 books published along the way . . . so keep a lookout for exciting news about her videos!

In the meantime, you may remember that Dave and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. Around that time, I realised that really savouring life had felt sparse for a while, especially with lockdown limiting our movements, and way less adventure than we’ve enjoyed in the past. So, I made a decision to change that and revitalise my sense of wonder and celebration on a regular basis. We’ve since found plenty of opportunity, including this gorgeous evening where Dave captured the magic with his aerial drone and I took pics with my iPhone:

Dave and Naomi Estment photographing at sunset
It was enchanting to play in the golden hour lighting that has a way of connecting us with joy, which Eckhart Tolle describes as “vibrantly alive peace”. Does this ring true for you too? And do you also find that photos of moments that light you up inside can return you to the feeling in an instant when you look at them? That’s certainly true for me, and priceless when you consider the guidance of many self help gurus, who urge us to tap into joyful feelings if we want to attract more joyful experiences into our lives. I find being in nature the fastest route to this.

Apart from the host of business benefits that beautiful, authentic photos and videos offer us all, there is profound soul food to discover when we dwell in the dreaminess of exquisite visual content. I hope this inspires you to pick up your smartphone and take some pics of your own. If you need any help, my Smartphone Shootings Tips online course is made for you 😉