Do you struggle to speak up and hate being in the spotlight, especially at work and during Zoom meetings? Even if you sense that this is detrimental to your career and contributes to you being undervalued or overlooked for promotions? If so, you’re far from alone, and you can definitely overcome this, starting on Monday 19 April. Experienced courage coach, author and podcaster Telana Simpson is hosting a 4 Day FREE Online Challenge . . . and you’re invited!

Telana’s Courage to Speak Up Like a Boss Challenge is for self-conscious professional women to shine in their careers. Follow that link to sign up and join the fabulous group of women already registered and eager to make the key mindset shift that involves learning how to overcome the Spotlight Effect. Curious? Telana wrote a book about this because it’s helped her and her clients tremendously to take their “speaking up” and “public speaking” to the next level.

As you know, I’m passionate about helping women shine more brightly and share their brilliance in the world, so I’m delighted to be one of Telana’s secret special guests in the challenge too! You may remember my interview with her where she shared loads of insight and inspiration on the subject of Podcasting & Potential, which you can watch below if you missed it:

Be sure to jump in quickly and join Telana’s FREE Online Challenge if you want to become more confident and courageous in speaking up in meetings, with more ease and less discomfort and embarrassment. It includes daily live training and Q&A sessions in her private Facebook group, incorporating practical tools, techniques and exercises, plus juicy giveaways and surprises. There’s even a pre-party session on Sunday night, so SIGN UP now and I’ll see you inside!