We’re celebrating 26 amazing years of marriage today, starting with a selfie! This in itself is worth appreciating because for so many years before selfies became a thing, Dave and I had hardly any photos of us together, since we were both usually behind the lens. How about you? Are you in the habit of taking selfies to celebrate special events, or simply fun moments?

Thanks to social media, we’re all creating living visual legacies all the time, so we might as well make them fabulous! Of course, this extends naturally to personal branding and promoting our businesses online, with the most impactful contribution to this being from photos and videos, especially of ourselves, as that’s really how we connect most meaningfully with one another.

A great selfie tip comes from our gorgeous grand-daughter Mykaela (who was just 11 years old at the time!) and that’s to use a pop socket or ring holder, attached to the back of your phone. It makes the whole process so much easier and more effective. In addition to mastering selfies, there’s huge value in learning how to optimise your smartphone photos and videos.

They can completely up-level your online platform and help to position your brand as premium. That’s why I created my Smartphone Shooting Tips online course, which shares techniques and tips to achieve this. Heartfelt thanks to beautiful Hayley North who had this to say about it:

Hayley North Testimonial for Smartphone Shooting Tips Course

In celebration of our wedding anniversary this week, and to share the abundant rewards that we get from shooting skilfully with our smartphones, I’m offering this course at the super special rate of ONLY $21 until midnight on Sunday 21 March 2021. CLICK HERE to sign up . . . and feel free to share this link with your women friends. We all deserve to develop our skills and capture lifetime memories with grace and ease, not to mention reaping the business benefits.

P.S. As an added bonus when you enrol in my Smartphone Shooting Tips online course, you’ll gain access to my exclusive, vibrant Brand Stars Facebook Group, where mutual support and inspiration is flowing, so don’t delay and grab this limited time opportunity today!