How do you feel about showing up on Zoom? Do you have your setup sorted so that you feel super confident and assured that you’re ‘putting your best foot forward’? Fantastic if you are! That’s one of the essential elements for professional success, especially now, whether you’re in the corporate world or running your own business. But if you’re not quite sure, read on!

Maybe you’ve noticed that many people have quite poor setups on Zoom calls, which can really detract from their personal power and presence, and the impact of their communication. Yet this can be simple and quick to change! The key is to tweak and optimize all the details of your environment and yourself, including lighting, audio, decor, positioning and presentation.

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll likely know that this falls right into the sweet spot of my experience, which is why my twin sister Ruth called me recently to ask for help with her setup. We live in different cities but that’s no problem, since we can simply hop onto Zoom! She’s a seasoned IT professional, who attends online meetings, as most of us do, and she generously shared the gorgeous pic above and post below in my Brand Stars FB group after our session:

Testimonial for Naomi Estment
Heartfelt thanks to Ruth for her wonderful words! As she says, this is all about personalized and practical assistance, also with a view to minimizing expense. Inspired by her results and other requests for setup support, I’m opening up my calendar for remote session appointments. If this is something you need, please CLICK HERE to make a booking. I’d love to help you.

Since this is a new service and in celebration of International Women’s Day being this month, I’m offering 1 hour consultations for only R750 each for SA clients or 75 USD for international clients, valid for all bookings made by the end of March 2021. So, jump in quickly to snap up this super special value while it lasts, and completely uplevel your online Zoom experience!

P.S. If you know someone else who could use help with their setup, please feel free to share this with them. Thank you, XO