Have you dreamed of delivering an exceptional TEDx Talk? Or simply of developing your life and leadership skills for your and your clients’ benefit? Here’s some special inspiration for you from phenomenal woman, leader, as well as founder and CEO of Busara Leadership Partners, Dudu Msomi, whose powerful and deeply moving TEDx talk we had the honour of filming recently.

Dudu’s talk is titled “Leading into the Unknown” and in her own words it’s all about “embarking on the most difficult and yet fulfilling leadership journey, of leading myself. Sharing four crucial lessons about Living: on leadership, trusting my inner voice, the significance of having clarity of vision and directing my emotions rather than having them control me.”

This is hosted on the TEDxLytteltonWomen platform, which “specifically curates content by African women, predominantly South African women” and shares “ideas, ways of thinking, and possibilities¬†using the lens of African women, providing a platform to share their stories, amplifying their voices.” CLICK HERE or on the image below to watch Dudu’s Talk. It’s less than 15 minutes long, filmed simultaneously with four of our cameras, in captivating TEDx style:

Dudu Msomi's TEDx Talk filmed by Naomi Estment
Highly accomplished across multiple platforms, Dudu is a board member of the South African Reserve Bank, Strategy Facilitator, Corporate Governance and Leadership Expert, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist and Facilitator, Keynote & Guest Speaker and Writer. She designs and delivers bespoke leadership, board and entrepreneurs development programmes, and her business is a research-orientated strategic advisory and consulting company whose expertise is to facilitate the development and effectiveness of leaders to achieve their desired goals.

It was our particular privilege and pleasure to photograph Dudu in our studio too, to create a beautiful personal branding portfolio for her that incorporates the sophisticated gold of her logo. This features as a gradient background in a couple of the images below, which I created by etching the photos of Dudu and dropping in the gradient background during editing.

Dudu Msomi photographed by Naomi Estment
That’s an idea for you to consider in terms of introducing versatility into your own portfolio, and remember to have some behind-the-scenes pics taken at your photo or video shoot, to spice up your social media feeds. Special shoutout and thanks to Dudu’s assistant Mimi for taking the fun pic of Dudu and me that you can see at the top of this post! If you have any questions about your personal branding photos or videos, you’re welcome to contact me or comment below.