SO much fun and awesome learning opportunity is happening online this week, and it’s freely available to you! I’m honoured to be one of 60+ expert speakers at the Limitless Live Virtual Summit & Expo especially for entrepreneurs, independent business professionals and creatives. If that’s you, JOIN us for an amazing experience in this state-of-the-art online campus that’s been created by The Limitless Collaborative for us to work, learn and grow together!

Here’s how they explain it: “Zoom is out. Virtual education and training has just made a huge technological leap and entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits. Now, not only can they learn in a non-zoom virtual environment, they can teach, lead, and even work side-by-side, bringing a sense of community, connection, and fun into the work-from-home experience. Limitless is a virtual replica of a real life conference and trade expo. It’s your chance to experience this new virtual community for yourself and enjoy access to expert speakers, coaches, trainers, and service providers who will be leading the way in how to work and grow in a virtual world.”

Limitless Summit Speaker Naomi Estment
CLICK HERE to find out more and register for FREE for this pioneering event happening from 7 – 11 December 2020. When you enter the gorgeous virtual campus, complete with a wonderful range of conferencing venues, breakaway rooms and meeting areas (including a beach!) you’ll find a post-it note (see pic above) at the round table area in front of the welcome desk, directing you to view my Rock That Lens Masterclass video on demand in the theatre, which you can find by clicking on the GO TO button which will be at the top left hand side of your screen.

P.S. That’s my cute little avatar in the pic . . . set up your own and come and play with us!