Woohoo! All the fabulous, fun action is happening in my Visibility Bonanza this week, and you still have time to join us! The first 3 videos are posted on my Facebook business page so follow that link and scroll down to catch up, or watch here on YouTube if you’re not a Facebook fan.

This is all about helping you to ramp up your confidence on camera and connect with your ideal audience through beautiful, authentic photos and videos, in a way that lights you up from the inside out. On the first day, I posed a question to all the inspiring ladies who are participating: “Where do you want to be on my Confidence on Camera scale (1 – 10) by when and why?” Here are some of their comments, with special thanks to them all for their meaningful replies!

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P.S. Please share this with any women you know who could use some help to show up fully on camera and share their message with much greater impact in the world. Thank you, XO