Wow, November is flying by! How is your month going so far? If you’re feeling the need for a beautiful breather and boost of inspiration, I have a double dose just for you! It’s been my privilege and pleasure to recently interview Nomalanga Sitole and Anjana Lala in my weekly live stream series, and I’m sure you’ll love the vibrant energy, insight and inspiration they shared!

First, I discussed Bold, Authentic Self Expression with Nomalanga, who is a master storyteller, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, facilitator, voice-over artist, author and TV presenter with 20+ years of broadcasting, event management and marketing leadership experience. She has hosted many notable events including for Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa, Lionesses of Africa and numerous organisations, and has received several awards and accolades for her work.

Through her booklet entitled “Be Authentic | Be Bold | Be You”, Nomalanga has become a recognised voice of hope and inspiration, equipping young people to rise into a fulfilling future through their faith and authenticity. She brought her own special magic to our conversation, including real talk about her entrepreneurial journey, as well as tips to help you infuse confidence into your message and to tap into the power of story telling for your business and brand:

Then, we dived into The Art of Real Life Happiness with Anjana, who is a confidence coach and happiness expert, qualified as an industrial and organisation psychologist, tension and trauma release practitioner, breathwork foundation practitioner and certified with Laughter Yoga International. She is the founder of the Art of Happiness Institute, creates The Happiest & De-Stress Programs for companies and empowers women to break through their barriers and limiting beliefs to become confident and courageous in their lives.

We had such fun doing a laughter exercise on live stream, exploring meaningful ways to own your happiness daily, and celebrating Anjana’s 50th birthday! With that in mind, she is also focused on coaching women over 40 through “Mind, Money and Menopause” to live fearlessly and fully expressed. Don’t miss our thought-provoking and fabulously fun conversation:

Sit back, relax and enjoy these recordings! Also, please feel free to comment below and leave any questions for Nomalanga and Anjana. We’d love to connect with you.