How well are you leveraging the global opportunity that the Internet provides? If you feel you can do better, then watch my interview with Ann Marot, who shares plenty of insight and inspiration to help you on your way! Ann has had her own marketing business, Mystery Marketing and Promotions, for over 23 years. She specialises in helping people get their brand out into the market and enhance its exposure, especially through digital channels.

Ann also helps her clients get their mindset right so that they can achieve success in their business and life, including establishing what they actually want, visualising their objectives and then implementing steps to diversify, market and sell their products and services. In line with this, we share a passion for helping women shine their beautiful, authentic light in the world, and we discuss topics that can help you do this in our live stream recording, below:

In addition, Ann recently launched a digital magazine and online networking site called Women Connect, which is an elite membership program that provides tools to empower women in body, mind and spirit. This was catalysed by her hosting a wonderful Women’s Day Summit online in August of this year, following which many people asked her to please share what’s next!

So, she created a landing page and received such a great response from women signing up that she launched the platform within a few weeks. I’m grateful to Ann for inviting me to participate in this program as an Inner Circle member, meaning that I contribute content related to my core expertise in professional photography and videography, including the article below that’s featured in the first issue of the magazine. There are a number of amazing women within the Inner Circle, who specialise in different fields that also impact business and life success.

Magazine Article featuring Naomi Estment
CLICK HERE if you’d like to explore Ann’s vibrant Women Connect platform and discover more about the inspiring and actionable content that’s incorporated. You can register as a member for $1 for a 3 month trial, which includes receiving the bi-monthly magazine plus other bonuses. And please feel free to share this opportunity with all the special women in your life. Thank you!