How clued up are you about design and communication for your business and brand? Would you like to learn more? My recent interview with Donna Reid and Chantal Meugens is full of insight and inspiration that encompasses a whole spectrum from logo design to social media strategy, plus refreshingly real talk about the challenges and wins of entrepreneurship!

Donna is a graphic designer with her own below-the-line advertising agency that specialises in design, layout and print, including full project management from conceptualization to final product, while Chantal specialises in all aspects of communications, including writing, editing, proof-reading, training and social media. This dynamic duo also co-hosts Things That Matter – A podcast about people for people, which deals with interesting and informative topics that they feel strongly about, such as recycling, wildlife trafficking and the impact of COVID on the elderly.

Their passion for their work and their collaborative projects shines through in this live stream session, as we explore key subjects that can contribute to helping you share your message with greater meaning, impact and reach. Here’s the recording for your viewing pleasure!

Donna and Chantal have each had their own business for a number of years, and they drop in pearls of wisdom to encourage others on their entrepreneurial journeys, while also generously sharing what they’ve found difficult along the way and how they’ve transcended these challenges. A special take-away for me from our conversation, and from their podcast, is how much we can learn from each and every person around us, however apparently humble.

Their groundedness in the value of Things That Matter, as reflected in their podcast topics, brings home the importance of being more mindful and caring for other people and our world. This authenticity carries through in the enlightening way that they discuss communication and design for you and your business too. Don’t miss watching this vibrant video – it’s a gem!

P.S. We’d love to know what resonates most with you from our conversation, so please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts, or any questions that may come up for you.