If you feel challenged by facing a lens, and find cleaning your fridge becomes a sudden priority when you’re planning to shoot or share video content for example, then this week’s recording is for you! I’ve been in the hot seat, with special thanks to UK-based women’s empowerment coach, business mentor and professional marketer Dawn Grossart for interviewing me on the topic of confidence on camera, as this relates to photos, videos and on-screen sessions.

This conversation follows on from our live stream a few weeks ago, when I interviewed Dawn about online business building. Follow that link to watch if you missed that session, which was richly informative and inspiring! This week we discuss how to overcome self judgement, fear of rejection and resistance to showing up fully on camera, so that you can boost your brand and business through online visibility. We also cover a host of equipment and setup tips to help you with lighting and audio for your shoots. Click below to catch all the juicy details:

Dawn and I share a passion for supporting women in particular to claim their power and enhance their success, in a way that lights them up from the inside out. Developing confidence on camera can contribute tremendously to achieving this, by embracing and leveraging the phenomenal gift that the camera offers to share your message with much greater reach and impact.

Learning how to shine on camera and become the star of your brand can happen simply and quickly, no matter how stuck or uncertain you may feel. I share special tips to get started in this interview, and plenty more in my FREE Intro online course, which you’re welcome to sample. It can improve your life far more powerfully than cleaning your fridge, guaranteed!

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