Do you sense any inner blocks to stepping fully into your creative brilliance? If so, don’t miss my interview with the amazing Kate Tremills! She’s an accomplished author and creativity coach, as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of Socially Affluent Studios, a social marketing agency, and has coached many brands – from startups to speakers – to put eloquent words to their message.

With 5 published novels, Kate understands the power of storytelling and is passionate about guiding others to find their unique voice. She wrote in the film industry for many years, as well as for multiple leading magazines, and she’s a member of the Writers Guild of Canada. Kate is also the creator of Venus Lessons, bringing mystic insights and ancient feminine wisdom to the modern woman. There’s so much synergy in our focus on supporting women to shine their brightest light in the world, so I’m especially excited to bring this LIVE stream session to you:

Kate shares so much wisdom and inspiration throughout this conversation, including addressing typical creative blocks that many of us face and how to overcome them. She also sheds beautiful light on the richest rewards we can reap from owning our creative brilliance, plus tips to tap into our power in the process. This deeper dive into creativity follows on from my live stream session last week with 3 gifted artists. In case you missed that and my previous interviews in this series, hop over to my Facebook business page or my YouTube channel to catch up.

And make a note to join future sessions LIVE so that you can participate too. Here’s what one of our viewers wrote after this session with Kate: “Awesome interview, so much to learn from her! Inspirational! Taken away so much from this, thanks.” So, treat yourself to watching it and visit Kate’s website to find out more about her wonderful work and how she can help you.

P.S. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, and let us know what resonates most with you from our conversation. Thank you!