Here’s something extra special for the creator in you! I had the great delight this week of hosting a panel-style LIVE stream session with three gifted artists: Sara Sian, Nicky Thomson and Isa Dor. As you can likely guess from this pic, each of these ladies has they own uniquely beautiful way of expressing themselves in the world and contributing to others through their work.

During our session, they each shared a bit about their journeys and what art means to them, personally and professionally. Then we all participated in a vibrant discussion about the empowering ways that creativity can enhance all of our lives, from helping us tune into our inner guidance and letting go of the need for control, to experiencing joy and healing.

They also offered tips to tap into your creativity, in whatever form works for you. Click below to watch this wonderful conversation that’s filled with insight and inspiration!

Our session was streamed live via StreamYard to my Facebook business page and my YouTube channel, and it was the first time that Sara Sian, Nicky and Isa Dor were interviewed live. They all confessed to feeling a bit nervous beforehand, which is completely natural when trying something new, especially when it comes to putting ourselves out there in a bigger way.

And we all had a ball! Sara Sian shared this afterwards on her blog: “This was my first LIVE interview on Facebook. I was so nervous beforehand but ended up having so much fun!” This is why I love hosting these weekly live stream sessions on Wednesday afternoons, interviewing inspiring women in my community and giving them and their work wider exposure.

At the same time, I love adding value for YOU by offering this platform for you to learn from them, in line with my passion to help us all share our brilliance more effectively in the world, through photos, videos and/or online sessions. This is the golden thread that guides the topics for these conversations, and you’re welcome to suggest ideas for future topics too.

Take a look and leave us a comment below if you have any questions. Then visit, and to find out more about the amazing work these artists do!