How are you finding our current global landscape, especially from a business perspective? Are you, like so many people, shifting focus towards working more online? If so, lean in and listen closely to this week’s super inspiring and informative live session with Dawn Grossart, who’s a highly accomplished professional marketer, business mentor and women’s empowerment coach.

I particularly love her vision “to contribute to the economic rise of women globally, which in turn supports positive change in families, communities and society.” In line with this, we met recently when she reached out to me on LinkedIn with a lovely message and invitation to join her Women Business Leaders group – just one indication of how well she leverages online opportunities.

We discuss deeply relevant topics in this interview, from mindset and work-life integration to strategy and finances. Dawn generously shares loads of insight from her extensive experience, within senior corporate positions as well as many years working with women entrepreneurs, which is a passion we share because as she says, “we are part of the rising tide that lifts all boats.” Here’s a link to our LIVE stream session that’s packed with valuable tips for you:

Please feel free to comment below the video or below this post and ask any questions you may have. We’d love to connect with you. Then visit Dawn’s website to find out more about her unique blend of personal and business coaching, and how she can help you to build your business and ramp up your results, while also living a life you love!

P.S. Look out for future sessions in my series that I’m sharing at 4pm SA time (7am PST, 10am EST) every Wednesday, streamed LIVE to my Facebook biz page and my YouTube channel.