What a treat to interview courage coach, author and podcaster Telana Simpson via LIVE stream this week! She shared so much insight and inspiration, including insider tips on how to host successful podcasts, be a great podcast guest, tap into the power of conversations that count, be brave, shine more brightly and live the life you love!

This transpired after Telana interviewed me recently on her wonderful podcast Let’s Talk Communication all about how to shine on camera and become the star of your brand, including a personal example of a conversation that counted, which I had with Dave. In this session, Telana similarly shares a personal conversation that counted for her.

These types of conversations can be challenging and require courage, and can move the needle in terms of how we interact and show up in the world. Interested? Watch the recording here:

You’ll also learn loads about podcasting and tapping into your potential to live more confidently, including how to go about becoming more comfortable with pubic speaking – something that so many people find difficult, due to ‘The Spotlight Effect’ that Telana explains. She also generously and sincerely shares how she overcame this challenge too.

This interview is the first in a series that I’m sharing at 4pm SA time (7am PST, 10am EST) every Wednesday, streamed LIVE to my Facebook biz page and my YouTube channel, so make a note to join me for future sessions and please feel free to participate as I’m using StreamYard to broadcast these, which allows me to see comments from Facebook and Youtube simultaneously while we’re chatting!

P.S. You’re also welcome to leave a comment below this post if you have any suggestions for hot topics that you’d most like to hear about.