Are you a fan of Facebook Live videos? Not the kind where people hop on and share whatever happens to cross their mind, but thoughtfully directed content, such as interviews that deliver insight and inspiration. I’ve found a lot of value in these recently, including watching others and participating myself. Yesterday, I had the great delight of being interviewed by the amazing Angela Hardy, who is an accomplished self esteem and personal transformation specialist.

We discussed Confidence on Camera as this relates to photos, videos and on-screen sessions, which are so relevant now that our collective focus has shifted online. We also had a ton of fun! . . . and while you’re there, catch the rest of Angela’s fabulous interviews in her Art of Life Explorations series on her Cloud 9 Facebook page. They’re all about supporting you in hacking life and experiencing greater joy and happiness.

Otherwise, if you’re not on Facebook, you can click below to watch on YouTube:

Angela says: “It took me 20 years of learning everything available to find the solution to being able to love myself and find happiness, before finally discovering the secret, and realizing how easy it is. Since then I have specialized in helping adults who suffer from the symptoms of a lack of self-love, like low confidence, anxiety or fear and depression, sensitivity etc. so that they can experience their own phenomenal capacity for freedom, happiness and contentment.

She offers individual sessions and online courses and is a gifted kinesiologist, which I can vouch for first hand. She also runs 2 flotation/sensory deprivation tanks at her gorgeous centre in Craighall Park, JHB. If you want to enhance the quality of your life, she’s the lady to see! You can find out more about Angela’s wonderful work and get in touch with her via her Cloud 9 website.

It was a treat to explore topics so close to our hearts, as we’re both passionate about helping people tap into their beautiful, authentic selves and shine their brightest light in the world. If that calls to you, and be sure to grab your FREE gift!