Do you feel any fear of rejection, especially in relation to showing up confidently on camera? And perhaps also wonder about how to communicate effectively with others, including those close to you? Telana Simpson’s podcast, Let’s Talk Communication, is all about having conversations that count, and I had the privilege and pleasure of being interviewed by her recently.

We delved into what can hold us back from shining on camera, and how to overcome those obstacles so that we can freely share our message and magic in the world! This is something that’s very close to my heart, as you’ll discover during our conversation, if you’re not familiar with my personal story already. You’ll also get some juicy insight into conflict resolution.

This is also really important to me and I’m so grateful for the relationship I share with my husband Dave, especially since we’ve worked together for most of our 25-year marriage. Along the way, we’ve shared epic adventures and an entrepreneurial journey that has taught me so much, including lessons that range from navigating self worth to charging our worth.

If these topics pique your interest, CLICK HERE to catch our conversation:

Naomi Estment on Let's Talk Communication Podcast

In Telana’s words, “Real conversations are the ones that move things forward in relationships, that cause growth and improvement, and which are the ones that ultimately matter. In business and in life.” She is a “dynamic transformational Personal Coach who focuses on communicating and relating” and “specialises in self esteem, controlling emotions, overcoming self consciousness and anxiety, handling conflict, fear of confrontation and developing relationships.”

Visit Telana’s website to find out more about her wonderful work, which includes coaching, training, being a keynote speaker at events and conferences, and being the Anchor Host of the show “Let’s Talk Possibility”. She has also appeared on radio and TV, been featured in many magazines and newspapers, and sat on the board as the Chair of YBSA (Young Business for South Africa) to develop young entrepreneurs and leaders.

So, follow this link to watch the video or listen to the audio of our conversation: The Camera and the Fear of Rejection – and grab your FREE GIFT from me while you’re there!