Happy May . . . may it be a fabulous month for you! Dave and I are welcoming it with open arms and gratitude for moving from level 5 to level 4 lockdown. It was the best feeling to take our dogs out for a walk around our neighbourhood this morning and they loved it too!

Wow, how things can shift in term of appreciating moments of relative freedom, although we’re only allowed out between 6am and 9am and within 5km of our homes. It’s wonderful to be able to smile, wave and chat with people across the street. Ah, the simple joys of connecting and being alive! With appreciation in mind, here are some lockdown lessons that apply to personal branding and how you can boost yours any time, whether or not you’re in quarantine:

  1. PHYSICAL: even when completely confined to our homes, as we were until yesterday, we had the means to do physical exercise like yoga and gym. We also had freedom of choice of what to eat, provided that we made it ourselves. Today we celebrated by ordering pizzas from our local restaurant, just because we can again. No it’s not healthy but pleasure plays a role too! The value of your physical well-being and frame of mind cannot be overstated in terms of how this contributes to the vibrance of photos and videos that represent your brand.
    Naomi eating her first pizza after lockdown

  3.  MENTAL: wherever we are, we have the gift of choosing our own thoughts, regardless of the collective state of mind around us. Of course, this can be a lot more challenging during global crises like COVID but there’s still plenty that we can do of our own free will, like limiting our exposure to the news and reading inspirational books. When it comes to your personal brand, the thoughts that you think translate into the message that you share and they show up as clear as day in your expression on camera and in your photos and videos.

  5. EMOTIONAL: we can similarly take responsibility for our emotions, even when challenged by extreme world situations like the one we currently face. For me, some of the best ways to remain peaceful, centred and uplifted are to meditate daily, spend quality time with my husband, share meaningful, fun Zoom and Skype sessions with special friends and family, and spend time with our dogs, so much the better if we can go walking together! Just like your thoughts, your mood infuses every personal branding message that you put out.

What are your favourite ways to maintain physical vibrance and boost your frame of mind, your mood and your personal brand? I’d love to know in the comments below!