Not sure about you, but I love reading inspiring books, especially during lockdown! Here’s one of my latest favourites: Stop Checking Your Likes – Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life by Susie Moore. It’s hot off the press and packed with insight, inspiration and fun, so take a look! Susie is a British life coach and USA based advice columnist who has been featured on the Today Show, and Forbes, among multitudes of other places.

She’s also a media maven with an excellent online course called Five Minutes to Famous, which is all about helping you “get noticed, skyrocket your reputation, and attract new clients by becoming your own publicist.” I invested in this course a year ago and am grateful for how much it has already guided me to expand my reach and features in the media, some of which you can see on my Press & Media page. (*This is sincere praise with no agenda and I’m not an affiliate.)

If you’re interested in expanding your reach too, with a view to stepping up your game as a recognised expert in your field, then a media kit is a great tool to have in your business tool kit. And if you, like pretty much all of us let’s face it, are influenced by how popular your posts are on social media, especially in comparison to leaders in your industry, then Susie’s book will be a breath of fresh air for helping you to stay in your own lane and celebrate being you!

There’s profound benefit to be had from ‘stopping checking your likes’ as this applies to needing approval, and also great value in strategically (and unemotionally) noticing which of your posts consistently attract more attention. This gives you insight about what resonates most with your followers in terms of your message. For example, pics that I post of me and Dave together are almost always the most popular in my Facebook and IG feeds, like this recent one:

Naomi and Dave Estment
This isn’t surprising since we share so much joy and have done for over 25 years of marriage, including working together for most of that time. So, it’s easy for me to intertwine our personal story with my business journey, which makes authentic sense in the context of my brand. What works for you and your brand, bearing in mind the value of staying true to you?

If you’re a little hazy on this or feel easily swayed by what others are up to online, then curl up with Susie’s book and have a fabulous lockdown feast of reading inspiration!