Oh wow, we have something special for you today! It’s a value-packed audio master class that shares loads of insight and inspiration to help you tap into your version of creativity and share your message more meaningfully and effectively, especially in the media. This is particularly relevant now, as we all find ourselves having to innovate to keep our businesses alive.

My guest Lien Potgieter is a communication specialist who creates compelling media releases that help organisations and individuals position themselves as experts, build their brand and credibility, grow their following and attract new leads, ultimately expanding their business! She is also a creativity consultant, teaching people how to become more creative and future proof their careers, as well as the author of Become Colour Conscious and Transform Your Experiences.

Among many media appearances, Lien is featured in this month’s Get It Joburg North Magazine in a beautiful article all about creativity. In addition, she recently launched The Creativity Gap in collaboration with a partner, which has been officially chosen to be a part of World Creativity and Innovation Day (April 21) and Week (April 15 – 21) Global. Now YOU have an opportunity to learn from her too! Our dynamic conversation addresses a range of key questions like these:

* How can we leverage compelling media releases to contribute to our brand success?
* How can we tap into and express our creativity, even if we think we’re not creative?
* How can we utilise the power of colour in our lives, businesses and on camera?

No visuals to distract you, just click below, sit back, relax and listen to this interview:

Then hop over to Lien’s gorgeous new website, which features some of the photos from a shoot that I did for her. We had SO much fun together, as you can see from the samples below:

Lien Potgieter, photographed by Naomi Estment

We hope that this master class and these images inspire you to explore how you can boost your own personal and business brand, and get your unique message out there in a much bigger way! The benefits are far reaching and so needed right now as we all negotiate our new reality.

P.S. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions for Lien or me, and let us know what resonates most with you from our conversation. We’d love to connect with you!