How is quarantine going for you? We hope that you’re keeping well, safe and supported, whatever you’re up to . . . and that you’re finding things to appreciate. Two weeks in here, we’re called to dig deep, as our national lockdown has just been extended by two more weeks.

Thankfully, Dave and I have felt as if time is flying, perhaps because we’re continuing to have fun and play with our dogs 😀 It seems that Storm and Sky are missing their park runs as much as I am, judging by how keen they are to participate when I pull out my yoga mat. So, inspired by the animal antics we’ve been enjoying online, I shot this quick video on my iPhone a few days ago:

Like so many other times in the past, I’m grateful to have paused, just long enough to capture the moment, while the sun was shining and the morning felt amazing! I choose to do this consciously with photos and videos, as a way of appreciating everyday experiences. How about you?

Time is fleeting and there’s treasure in creating a visual legacy that you love. The trick is not to overthink it. Just do it. I find that when you allow your awareness to drop lightly into your heart as you notice the world around you, inspiration appears everywhere. Do you agree?

I’m also so grateful for our garden and the special blessing of space to exercise outside with our dogs, as well as in our boma, which Dave has set up as a gym for us. This helped to finally nudge us into action to hang up his collection of framed wildlife photos that you can see on the walls.

Boma turned into lockdown gym
Don’t ask me why, but that task hovered seemingly forever on our To Do list, before getting bumped up in priority thanks to lockdown. Isn’t it crazy how we can procrastinate when life gets busy, letting so much time pass that we totally lose touch with some of our projects and plans?

Are you busy tackling any overdue tasks and finding fulfilment in the process? If so, how about snapping a pic or shooting a short video to record your progress and share it with others if you feel called to connect with them and share some inspiration, motivation or entertainment?

In the meantime, from our home to yours, we wish you a peaceful, blessed Easter weekend, albeit that our collective circumstances are so different this year. Love and light to you! XO