We hope you made it safely through April Fool’s Day! Dave and I both fell for the predictable ‘joke’ that lockdown had been extended. After all, it seemed plausible that we’ll need longer quarantine times, especially in a country like South Africa with so many vulnerable people.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to all the health workers and others on the frontlines of this pandemic. We can barely imagine the pressure they’re under. What can the rest of us do? Perhaps start with something as simple as contributing a positive vibe, at home and online.

Even though this April Fool’s Day wasn’t as light hearted as usual, it is a reminder of the gift of laughter, which we’ve been tapping into during lockdown, especially via some of the hilarious videos that people are posting on Facebook about dealing with being stuck in isolation.

After pulling out our guitars for the first time in ages, we created a fun video too:

WARNING before you watch it: Dave and I vied for last place in the queue for musical talent, so don’t expect to be spellbound by our playing, least of all singing! Hopefully what we lack in skill we make up for with humour. We’ll just be happy if it brings a smile to your face 😄

Are you sharing content with your network, and if so, are you including impromptu videos and/or behind-the-scenes photos of you? These can be wonderful ways to inspire ourselves and others, while connecting and building the ‘know, like and trust’ factor that’s key to brand success.

P.S. If you know someone who could use a light hearted laugh right now, you’re welcome to share this post with them 😉 and let us know below what you’re doing in lockdown!