How do you feel about creativity? I believe it’s the cornerstone of joy, and a welcome gift that we can tap into during this unprecedented Corona crisis. It was serendipitous that my fabulous friend and creativity consultant Lien Potgieter, together with two partners, recently launched the Once in a Leap Year Creativity Online Quest as “an invitation to take a leap of faith, to be, think, feel, relate, create, engage, act, interact, behave, respond, and live differently and more creatively”, leading up to the United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day on 21 April.

If you find yourself feeling a bit lonely, isolated or uninspired, here’s a special opportunity to join The Creativity Gap Facebook group and participate in their uplifting conversation. In this group, “people from all over planet Earth share their kind of creativity” based on the premise that “If you are human, you are a creative genius.” Don’t you love that about yourself, and this group?

They go on to mention that “we often forget that we have the power to create our reality” and that “The Creativity Gap guides human beings to tap into their kind of creativity and LIVE it!” Part of their invitation to you is to share a short, impromptu video of about 60 – 90 seconds in length, explaining a bit about who you are, what you do and what your kind of creativity is.

The idea is to shoot this simply on your smartphone, with no need for perfection! If you’re not accustomed to being on camera and feel shy to get started, this is a great way to give it a go and share your video in a safe, supportive space. To give you some encouragement, here’s a link to my video for the group, which I asked Dave to film by holding up my iPhone in our living room:

It was shot in pure natural light from a large window and the only editing tweaks I made were to cut out a couple of small speaking mistakes and add transitions at those points, using the free iMovie app on my iPhone. Of course, there are many editing options available, including FilmoraGo for Android, as an example, and you can keep this easy and free if you wish.

There’s tremendous power in connecting with like-minded people online via video. Far reaching opportunities can open up for you when you choose to be visible in this way. One example for me was being invited to be interviewed on a leading international blog talk radio show as a result of sharing a casual video like this in a Facebook group. There’s no time like now to step up and play your part in moving others with your message, remembering that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Consider what you’re going to say and then let it be informal, relatable and fun 😀

P.S. Please feel free to share a bit about you and your kind of creativity in the comments below. I’d love to discover what inspires you most and see how you inspire others too!