How attuned are you to mindfulness, flow and manifestation? Would you love to align more effectively with well-being and abundance? I’m guessing most of us respond with a resounding YES! If so, I have a special gift for you; an audio recording of my interview with Gillian Higginson.

An accomplished transformational life coach, life and joy instigator and energy healer, Gillian is passionate about helping people to reclaim themselves, to expose their light and to experience passion, joy, success and brilliance. She has worked in the field of energy healing for 21 years and has a wealth of experience in various modalities, counselling and coaching.

Gillian believes that finding joy, peace and the path to natural flow is everyone’s birthright, and that you have the ability to create magic in each and every area of your life. With this in mind, here are a few questions we address, in between sharing some particularly personal stories:

* How can ‘alignment’ influence your success and potential impact in the world?
* How can you go about ‘reclaiming’ yourself to be truly authentic in life and work?
* What can you do to facilitate healing, and also to find harmony, joy and balance?

No visuals to distract you, simply relax and listen to this fabulous audio masterclass:

I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Gillian for some years, attending one of her meditation groups, experiencing her energy healing and photographing her for her website:

Gillian Higginson - images by Naomi Estment
You may likely get a sense of Gillian’s beautiful presence from this sample of her photos, shot in and around our studio. I feel blessed knowing her and can’t wait for you to learn from her too. So, click here to listen to our audio interview and then visit her website to explore how she can help you to create magic in each and every area of your life. Enjoy!