Yay, we’re in print! With New Year goal setting freshly in mind, you know how easy it can be to fulfill a long held aspiration and somehow let it pass without pausing to really appreciate it? This time I’m taking a moment to acknowledge a milestone and say THANK YOU.

I’m so grateful to be included in this fabulous feature article in woman&home SA’s Feb 2020 issue, which is available right now in stores and online. Special shoutout to the wonderful W&H team who made this happen and to the other lovely ladies featured in the article!

In line with woman&home’s objective to teach their readers something aspirational, achievable and relatable to the everywoman, we each share vulnerable, behind-the-scenes insight about a Crossroad moment that’s had a profound impact on our lives and businesses.

Snap up your copy of the mag to read all about it! Stunning Nicole Kidman, who graces the cover, shares powerful inspiration about changing statistics and telling women’s stories, and this issue includes a gorgeous fashion feature that was shot at Casalinga (where a group of us go park running on most Sunday mornings) – among many other enticing things!

I love W&H’s philosophy, which is why I’ve been a fan for years and wanted to be featured in it. We had such fun in the process, especially at our photo shoot, which was a treat for me, since I’m usually doing the shooting 😉 If a new portfolio of beautiful, authentic photos and/or videos is on your 2020 wish list, then contact me to discuss ideas, no strings attached. I’d love to help.

And here’s the cool thing: when the time is right, whatever’s on your list happens really easily, as this article did for me. Perhaps that’s why we tend to overlook it’s significance. So, if it’s time for that shoot of yours, I promise it’s going to be easy for you . . . and amazing!

P.S. If you have reason to pause and appreciate a particular accomplishment, please share it in the comments below, so that we can celebrate together, which is way more fun 😀