Wow, we’re a week into the new decade! How is your year going so far? Are you doing anything differently and seeing different results? I’m spending more time dwelling in joy and the results are far reaching already. In particular, I’m so grateful to feel fit and healthy, including doing 3 park runs, starting at 8am on the 1st of Jan (pic above) and getting a personal best time on the 3rd of Jan. That inspired me to write a feature article drawing parallels between park running and personal branding, which will be published in woman&home SA’s online magazine next month!

This is in stark contrast to last year, which I began with a freshly broken wrist that made even downward dog difficult. I’m loving doing yoga and meditating too, contributing to a sense of well-being that’s key to infuse into your personal brand. With well-being in mind, did you do your decade in review process that I mentioned in my previous post? Mine brought a profound realisation that any perceived “failure” to achieve a major aspiration in the past 10 years was part of a bigger plan with perfect timing, not due to anything being “wrong” with me. It’s released a fantastic sense of freedom and joy for this decade, reflected in how I feel on park runs.
Discovery Vitality MyRun at Avianto
As a next step, have you chosen your guiding word for 2020? My 2019 word was “Flow” and it guided my year beautifully. For 2020, my word is “Prosperity”, which is already bringing blessings! I’m participating this week in a dynamic Rock Your Talk Facebook group led by Sage Lavine. It’s all about showing up with greater visibility. Sage posed a challenge for us to share a 2 minute imperfect (!) visibility video explaining our message and why we’re ready to share it in a much bigger way. As a result, I’ve received an invitation to be interviewed on the topic of Professional Headshots & Videos by a fabulous and highly successful talk radio host in the USA.

This is one example of the power of video to reach and move people across the world! If you want to boost your visibility in 2020, personal branding photos and videos are your fast track to success. Contact me if you’d like help. In the meantime I wish you an amazing 2020!