It’s time to celebrate! Since this week includes Thanksgiving in the USA and my birthday on the 30th, I have a wonderful free gift, especially for you! This comes in the form of an audio recording, with love from me and my expert guest Colleen Leclercq, who joined me for the second interview in my new series. Our vibrant conversation spans the important topics of relationships, change and work/life integration, which Colleen is highly qualified to discuss.

As an experienced, accomplished culture and change consultant, and leadership and relationship systems coach, she works with groups, teams and individuals, globally, online. Colleen has been a virtual worker for over 15 years and is passionate about helping people and organisations work together more effectively, especially in a digital, ever changing, increasingly complex world.

Her main area of focus is on enabling healthy relationships with self, others and work, with a purpose to help people alleviate stressors, strains and stress associated with change and work/life integration. She demonstrates this in her own life, being a married mom of a 5-year-old son and 2 step-sons (aged 23 and 15), while furthering her studies in psychology and running her own business, Connect EQ, which you can learn all about at

She suggests ways to leverage technology and online opportunities, and we spice things up with stories of challenges we’ve faced in our own personal and professional relationships! As Colleen explains, there’s immense value and power in turning towards the difficult feelings you sometimes face and having ‘courageous conversations’ in the process, while developing self awareness and being mindful of self care. Here are some of the key questions we address:

* How can you go about improving your relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself, as these relate to your life and business?
* How can you better navigate change, such as leaving the corporate world to start your own business, developing a team or becoming a mother?
* How can you best handle the ongoing challenge of work/life integration, while living consciously and making clear choices to follow your dreams?

Keen to find out? Here you go! No visuals to distract you, just sit back, relax and have a listen:

Learning these skills contributes to an essential foundation for sharing the best of you and what you offer – in person or through beautiful, authentic photos and videos. It’s all part of shining your brilliant light in the world and creating a living visual legacy that you and your tribe love!

Please comment below and let us know what resonates most with you from our conversation, or what you’ve discovered yourself, regarding relationships, change and work/life integration. Colleen and I would love to connect with you!

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